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Bent - Magic Love - Ashley Beedle’s Black Magic Vocal Mix

Edited > without intro

the magic scene from a beautiful U.S.Girl. i know 2 very beautiful U.S.Girls

one is here & the 2nd is Piggybacky from her L.A. “Ranch” :) i miss both

Piggybacky..i know you look, come back, you brought me here to tumblr!

Today is Babygirl day, so i show you a secret (no conspiracy!) about the rock the boat music video - here is the sky without her (no photoshop) but this scene isn`t in the rtb video (check yourself) I found the clean sky with 100% same clouds in another music video, it was 2 years ago and of course i posted at unique aaliyah, this music video used the same “sky content” as hype williams used! pays attention to the clouds = it`s impossible that the sky is exactly the same! the music video was from the end-80s but I’ve forgotten the name (forgive me) only this info I have .. scene is at 29 sec / rtb scene at 49 secI found it in a secret dj funk 70s-80s group, here! and more secrets & discussions at UA here

2Pac ~ Changes ~ Bebo Le Vrai Remix


Jason Mraz - I’m Yours (Leo Gordy Remix)

Alexandra Shipp had a dream last night :)))

Her dream Interpretation is here ~ All your dreams here

Mélissa Theuriau ~ News anchor french TV

Awards: Daily Express “the world’s most beautiful news reporter.”

US edition Maxim "TV’s sexiest news anchor"

French edition of FHM “most beautiful woman in the world”

Public Enemy ft. Ice Cube & Big Daddy Kane - Burn Hollywood Burn

USA you deserve a better police..or 1992 is back

Babygirl —- so beauty

Sade - And I Miss You (Coven Dubstep Remix)

Blow-Up, 1966 by Michelangelo Antonioni

Film Scene Photos (Source Ebay New)  

Jetlag ft. Esther - Walk With Me (Music Video with Morven Macsween)

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